The Ultimate Game

By Billy Langdon ’21

“This is the ultimate game.  This is the ultimate game.”

Those are the words that Jared Kass spoke when he came up with the name for the current sport of Ultimate.  I heard of this story when looking up the prices of discs with my father over spring break.  The sport of Ultimate originated only 50 years ago at a high school in New Jersey.  It spread from there, as it was a great sport for the non-athletes to play to get some exercise.

That especially is very relatable to me, being nowhere near what anyone would call an athlete.  I play the game since it is a great excuse to get outside on a nice day away from studying for a little while, as well as because I love the sport.  There is a grace to the disc arcing through the air, floating down gently into the arms of a waiting teammate.

Of course, it doesn’t always work out that way.  That’s the way that it works for the players on the team who can throw a disc well, but for me it generally ends up with the disc slicing away sideways and into the ground.  Sometimes however, my throws end where I want them.  It is so satisfying when it goes the right way, and floats as if held by an invisible hand toward a teammate.

And that brings me to my absolute favorite part of the sport.  The team.  Here at Saint Michael’s, we have a great team that works together and has fun every day.  Monday through Friday we are out on the Library Lawn at 4:00, throwing the disc about and having a great time.  We are always welcoming to anybody who wants to come and play..

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