Learning on the job

By Susie Ellicks ’18

Last Spring, I decided to apply for a summer job with the St. Mike’s Marketing Department and was thrilled to be offered the position. The Marketing and Communication team were so welcoming to me; they immediately made me feel like I was an important part of this department. As an English major, they helped me expand my skill set and learn how to apply those skills to a marketing position.

Prior to this job, I never would have expected to find myself working for a marketing department – I had always planned on going into Publishing or editing – and I am so happy I decided to branch out.

Working for St. Mike’s was such a positive experience for me. I wasn’t just a student worker to the department; I was someone who was trusted with important responsibilities, actively contributed to campaign ideas, and became a member of the team. Once the position and the summer came to an end, I was able to continue working for the Marketing Department as a work-study. Working on campus is a great way for students to learn important workplace and real-world skills that they can use in the future.

Because of this summer job as the Writing, Photography, and Social Media Coordinator, I am now planning on going into the Marketing and Communication field once I graduate, and feel very confident about what I can offer to my future employers.

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